Teach English Holiday

Hello, dear Family, I hope you’re well and enjoy good and fun moments at home. During holidays, dear pupil, take a rest but it’s important to speak English Everyday. So, review your lessons, repeat quizz with bonus for some classes. Pupils have not yet done their Homework. So, you have two weeks to finish your work and send me your job by mail : amalenglish37@gmail.com

My message for all of you

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Easter’s Holidays 

Review / Practice / Play

HOLIDAYS ; révisions des dernières leçons /exercices entre interclasses MAIS SURTOUT DU REPOS

IMPORTANT Pendant les vacances, il n y a aucun devoir à rendre. Seulement, les devoirs des semaines 1, 2,3, 4 qui n’ont pas été rendus

Grade Class MS and GS

First, Thanks for pupils who send their wonderful jobs : Game Tom & Jerry exercice ci-dessous après les photos

Week 1 : Feelings Muppet Week 2 : Farm animal puppet

OSCAR’s-PUPPETS-FARM-ANIMALS Oscar’s Feeling Muppet Class MS

Class GS Ines’ feeling Muppet

Week 3 : Monument / Symbol of London Week 4 : Create Easter’s symbol

OSCAR Easter eggs hunt Class MS
INES’ Phone Box London Class GS
INES Easter’s Basket
INES’ eggs basket

EASTER ‘S GAME : Click on the link and play with Tom and Jerry.  Answer questions and Make 100% Bonus.

Clique ci-dessous et réponds au quizz.

Grade Class CP/CE1

CP/CE1  EASTER ‘S GAME : Click on the link and play with Tom and Jerry.  Answer questions and Make 100% Bonus.


Clique ci-dessous↓ et réponds au quizz.

CE1 : Lesson HOUSE/ BOOK INTERACTIVE page 2 until 9 : Open the book, listen, repeat and match Click on the link and learn house vocabulary

Ouvre le lien ci-dessous Lesson vocabulary HOUSE : page 2 à page 9 : écoute, répète et replace les images ou mots à la bonne case. Enjoy it !


Grade Class CE2


Un peu d’humour  : Mr BEAN AT HOSPITAL

Click on the link↓ 

Grade Class CM1 / CM2

CM1/CM2 : Review lesson about Question words WH-

Lesson+exercice online


CM2 : Lesson adjectives personality INTERACTIVE BOOK page 2 to 16

Click on the link ↓: Listen, repeat and answer questions


CM2 Week Monday, 20th to Monday, 27th 

Birthday Party : Listening /Reading/Quizz : Listen, read the text, and answer the quizz (check your understanding)

Sketch ;You can do a roleplay with a family’s member

Click on the link : ↓