Teach English Semaine 1 et 2

Hello, Dear Family
I’m back and I hope you’re great.
First, j’espére que vous profitez des joies de la famille et surtout de vous rendre compte de ses valeurs
« Family is not an important thing
It’s Everything

Dear Parents, you will teach full time English. We are together. You are my eyes, you are my ears. Welcome to your children’s wonderful english world ! Let’s go !

Grade Class Moyenne et Grande Section

Moyenne et Grande Section 1- Listen and Repeat / 2- Click pause to guess the animal

Activity Worksheet : With the video, circle the animal when you listen its name. Chicken=hen

Moyenne et Grande Section Activity for family
Family Activity : HOW TO MAKE A STICK PUPPET : Use Tools school’s words to practice this fun activity. Create your own farm animal. Speak English : What is this ? This is a cow…..Describe its color / its face : one nose, one mouth, two ears or not ! two eyes. For example, say « It is a black cow with one mouth…… Have fun ! Send me a photo by email, please. THANK YOU

Grade Class CP

Activity Work : Spelling ; how do you spell your name or any word in the dictionary?

Grade Class CE1

Text and Listening comprehension

CE1 Listen and repeat FAMILY Members words and short sentences. Next, try with your own family

Activity : Try to speak about your FAMILY with your photo album : Who is he ? This is my brother…. Who is she ? Who are they ? How old is she ? She is… years old. Use Lesson « introduce » Don’t forget, an animal or object = IT

Grade Class CE2

  • Lesson Present Continuous
Listen and Repeat
1-Listen and repeat / 2-click pause to guess answers

Worksheet : Grammar in your notebook

Write the day in English /Grammar
Put the verbs in the Present Continuous tense Affirmative form / Negative form /Interrogative form
Verbs To wash dishes / To read comics

Grade Class CM1

Learn Time with a PIZZA ! It’s Yummy !

Activity : Dear Family, learn how to tell the time while you are eating a pizza. Yum ! Yum !

Pupils CM1 : Worksheet in your notebook
Write the day in English and answer all questions about Time

Grade Class CM2

Pupils CM2 : Learn Lessons about Time from CM1 VIDEO PIZZA

CM2 Lesson present continuous vs present simple

Worksheet : Present simple + Time + Daily routine : write on your notebook day in English and answer only the questions in part One.


Worksheet Activity : Learn the Lesson and answer the questions. In your notebook, find 5 sentences in present simple tense with an adverb. Use, for example, your daily routines

For any comments, send me an email, I’ll be there.

Enjoy it ! Have a nice Week ! Teacher Amal #stay at home to save lives